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A husband and wife dental duo, Dr. Imran Ahmed and Dr. Uzma Tarif have created a unique dental office. This relaxing, soothing environment, combined with some of the most sophisticated technology in dentistry, sets a new standard of care. We follow the most stringent of sterilization procedures.

Dr. Imran Ahmed an exceptional education and clinical experience with his dedication to improving patients’ dental health. He has a Masters in Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge & Implantology.  Dr. Imran Ahmed updates his expertise in multiple techniques. He had worked as an Associate Professor in Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences Lucknow. Adding to his qualification he has done  certificate course on Maxillofacial Rehablitation from U.K. and also several advance courses on Implants.

The duo are well known for their extensive taste in smile designing which act as a miracle to patients. 

Dr. Uzma Tarif, She has undergone extensive clinical training on Cosmetic Dentistry and worked with various established clinicians. They attend extensive continuing education in all fields of dentistry.

The rest of our carefully selected team shares our commitment to providing you with the highest quality dental care.

All staff members are eager to answer any questions you may have concerning scheduling of appointments, and coordination of financial and insurance matters.

We know your life is busy, so we respect your time by offering time-saving techniques. Explore us online, then call to schedule your initial consultation today.