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TMJ Dysfunction Therapy

Some people experiences frequent headaches, migraines, stiff necks and shoulders, tingly fingers, frequent dizzy spells and light headedness that otologist, neurologist and psychiatrist cannot explain. Many tests suggest it is due to “bad bite” and other factors that only specially trained and qualified dentist can help to treat your TMJ related problems.

Although the problem may be soothed by applying ice packs or eating soft foods, it is still unlikely that the condition will be solved for good. A TMJ dentist will best support your case by doing a full assessment of jaw function and muscle activity. In TMJ dysfunction, face muscles are often stiff which make it hard for the mouth to open wide. During initial checkup, our dentist will recommend that you stay away from chewing gum, gritting your teeth, tensing your facial expression and to do relaxation exercises in order to soothe your muscles and TMJ providing temporary relief until further procedures can be done.

The TMJ or temporomandibular joint is the part where the mandible or lower jaw links with the temporal bone of the head. It is the joint that allows you to open your mouth, talk and chew your food. There is a little cartilage disc which provides easier movement for the mandible since it is used always. TMJ dysfunction occurs when there is hindrance or difficulty with regards to the movement which in turn will cause a variety of symptoms. Pain is the most usual symptom which will radiate to the face, ears, jaw and down to the neck. Sufferers of the condition may also notice pain or a clicking or popping sound upon jaw movement or difference in upper and lower teeth fit.

TMJ dysfunction treatment include several therapies and treatments. Physical therapy is standard wherein you will be taught how to do jaw exercises to relax the joints and muscles. Application of heat and cold will also be done to relax the muscles. Throughout the treatment, the pinoy dentist will continue to monitor your progress and check the association of pain sensation and other problems with jaw movement and stability.

If you choose to get a dental package, you can be sure that highly qualified dentists and experts will provide you with quality care using only state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date methods. A team of experts will collaborate to check each part involved in your condition. Orthodontists will check your bone, jaw and teeth while otolaryngologists may also be referred for severe radiating ear pain associated with the condition. Medications will be provided throughout the course including anesthetics, NSAIDs and multivitamins. If necessary, you will also be recommended to undergo surgery to restore damaged joints. Overall, your TMJ condition will be alleviated in the best means by the best methods possible