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All Ceramic

Crowns cover and encase the visible tooth surface above the gumline. Dental crowns protects root canal treated tooth as well as give better esthetics to teeth. All ceramic/metal free crown is most esthetic throughout life and provide no show of any metal.

Ever wonder how to make your carious, discolored, and stained front teeth as beautiful as the teeth of actors and actresses? How to make your recent smile more captivating and perfect? All porcelain / ceramic crowns are the only answer to your questions.

In All porcelain / ceramic crowns mimic the appearance of the natural teeth. They are both 100% biocompatible, metal-free, hypoallergenic, translucent, and naturally looking. Moreover, preventing the harsh unsightly dark line at the gum margin, our doctors use for years in type of dental treatment.

A ceramic crown without metal that is durable and aesthetic as well as biocompatible and translucent as natural teeth.

It is both strong and has true-to-nature shade behavior and excellent light transmission for highly esthetic solutions. It is both biocompatible and has the long term wear characteristics like that of enamel.