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Bone Augmentation / Sinus Lifting

It is no longer uncommon to perform bone augmentation in order to provide patients with optimum dental care. In Apple Bite, bone augmentation or sinus lifting is a procedure masterfully done by experienced dentists in order to create a stable platform where dental implants can be fitted. Sinus lifting in particular which is a procedure in bone augmentation is done under same roof.

One of the benefits that dental veneers and laminates provide is permanent change in teeth color. The material is made of porcelain which is virtually resistant to stain. The porcelain veneer’s color is white as well giving dark and stained teeth a renewed natural brilliance and light color. Veneers are also stronger compared to bonding and are well tolerated by the gums preventing any possibility of sensitivity or oral thrushes. Wearers can also immediately resume any kind of diet since there are no restrictions after fitting of the laminates. Upon thorough assessment of the teeth, the dentist will evaluate the type of implants needed as well as where and how many to put on the newly created bone.

The bone typically comes from the patient’s own chin or other bone sources existing in the body. Rest assured that the entire procedure is painless since local anesthesia will be used. Sinus lifting is one if not the most common procedure done for bone augmentation wherein bone in the maxilla or top jaw is lengthened. The upper jaw’s height as a result will increase through the filling done on the maxillary sinus.

Nerve repositioning may also be done during acquisition of bone from the jaw to avoid damage. Once the osteotomy is completed, the sinus membrane will then be folded on itself and the dental implants placed. Any remaining flaps will be closed. The entire procedure lasts for three to four hours. Full healing can be achieved after six to nine months but normal activities may resume within a few days provided that you follow the instructions given.

Our dentists approved by the IDA are very meticulous when it comes to follow-up care so there will be check-ups, medications and special guidelines to ensure complete and safe recovery.