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Dental Veneers Laminates

Laminates and veneers consists of applying thin pre-formed porcelain, composite resins or plastic to the teeth in much the same way as an artificial fingernail is affixed to a natural nail. In the case of porcelain, both the enamel and the inside of porcelain veneer are etched and bonded to increase adhesion. This is a very common procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Laminates procedure are as follows:

Cosmetic dentistry in Apple Bite has made it possible for individuals all over the world to have great looking smiles. Natural teeth which have been affected much by time, external substances and poor hygiene and eating habits can now be restored 100% with the use of dental veneers and laminates. These are also a good alternative to orthodontics. Dental veneers look very brilliant and natural. Aside from the fact that these improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your smile, veneers also provide several other advantages in dental health.

One of the benefits that dental veneers and laminates provide is permanent change in teeth color. The material is made of porcelain which is virtually resistant to stain. The porcelain veneer’s color is white as well giving dark and stained teeth a renewed natural brilliance and light color. Veneers are also stronger compared to bonding and are well tolerated by the gums preventing any possibility of sensitivity or oral thrushes. Wearers can also immediately resume any kind of diet since there are no restrictions after fitting of the laminates.

Dental veneers or porcelain laminates are basically shells that are specifically colored and designed to cover the front surface of the teeth providing a whiter and more radiant appearance. The shells are fitted in order to fix any imperfections with regards to the natural teeth’s size, shape and color. The material is usually made of porcelain although others may come from resin composite materials. Laminates are very thin, translucent and have a lot of similar qualities with natural teeth.