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Porcelain Crown

Sometimes teeth have been so badly damaged by decay or wear that cosmetic fillings are no longer viable option.

Under this circumstances the tooth can be saved and protected by a crown or a cap. Crowns are also used on either side of a gap so that a bridge can be constructed to replace one or more missing teeth without the use of implants.

A Conventional 3 unit bridge will be used to replace the missing central incisor

One tooth on either side of the missing tooth is prepared to retain the fixed bridge

Porcelain is normally fused to a metal framework. here the metal framework is being fitted in the tooth

The final porcelain-fused-to-metal bridge is fitted over the teeth.

A jacket crown is the outlay covering that protects the entire surface of a tooth. A porcelain crown is a protective tooth-shaped cap covering provided for a tooth that is chipped, broken or missing. Dental crowns are indicated to reinforce the tooth if the remaining structure can no longer support filling. A porcelain crown is cemented onto all the remaining visible structure to strengthen it as well as improve its appearance. A bridge is applied if there is a missing tooth in between two strong teeth structures. In order to compensate for the gap, the bridge anchors between the two teeth to keep the set aligned, strengthened and looking great.

In Apple Bite, a jacket, porcelain crown and bridge can easily be fitted using quality materials at very affordable prices. The application is one of the most frequently done treatments in dental tour packages provided to patients coming from other nations and locally. In your dental tour package, your teeth will first be assessed and diagnosed for potential and actual problems.

Assessment will most likely include taking an impression of your teeth and gums. If you are a candidate for jacket, crown or bridge fitting, you will be provided a temporary set while the permanent ones are made. The temporary and permanent crown or bridge is comfortable to use.

Although traditional crowns and bridges are made of gold or metal, porcelain ones have become quite popular since these look more natural and performed very well in preventing discoloration and infection.

Newly installed jackets, crowns and bridges will have the same color as other surrounding teeth although you can also opt to have everything whitened for a more beautiful smile. Creation of the permanent restorations will usually take one week so you can enjoy the tours and accommodations provided in your dental tour package while waiting.

Each patient will be given an individualized treatment plan so that all your dental needs will be cared for specifically. Even if a patient does not have decayed or damaged teeth, there may be underlying risks that require jacket and crown fitting. Others opt for the treatment for aesthetic purposes or after a root canal therapy.

ICheck-ups after installation of the permanent appliances will also be conducted before you return home. Your ADA and PDA-accredited dentist will orient you regarding proper caring tips for the jacket, crown or bridge as well as further necessary check-ups. There are no known drawbacks or complications with regards to fitting of these appliances.

In Apple Bite, crowns and bridgework are a common part of the dental treatment. The developments in crown technology have made it possible for people to have very natural-looking teeth. Missing or damaged teeth can quickly be replaced including old crowns that look discolored and tarnished. Although there are several materials to choose from, Apple Bite cosmetic dentists have highly recommended porcelain or ceramic crowns which appear cleaner and more natural. These are stronger and last longer than the old types and are immune from any form of decay which will provide you with a great smile for years to come.

Crowns and bridges are also known as restorative dentistry wherein natural teeth that is damaged or lost can be returned or restored into its original appearance, structure and use. There are several advantages to crown and bridge treatment like correcting your bite, fixing missing teeth and restoring tooth form and structure. A crown is used to correct one damaged or lost tooth while a bridge is a series of crowns that correct several damaged or lost teeth. The corrections made by these will be affixed on the teeth with dental cement which is more stable and durable compared to temporary or partial fixes like braces. The term is also called fixed dentistry.

Other helpful preventive effects that can by provided by the restorative type of dentistry are lowering the risk of gum disease by removing decay and damaged teeth that may be inhabited by microorganisms. By eliminating the harmful bacteria that will most likely spread in the oral environment, other teeth will be protected from damage and cavity. Also, patients will avoid losing more teeth since the formation is stabilized and aligned well which makes it easier to chew and use them properly. Furthermore, even speech will become more clear and distinct due to the correction.

Bridges as well are designed in the same manner so that you will get the same beautiful effect with several teeth. The crowns will be interlinked together creating an aligned and natural appearance. When you avail of a dental package covering crowns and bridges, you will be provided with appointments for assessing your teeth, removing any damage and fitting the new crown or bridge. Our dentist will constantly observe your progress and will provide you with all the necessary information and medications you need to have a very comfortable experience