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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is usually carried out to relieve any discomfort, not to create it and in fact we achieve this in a painless and relaxed manner. After gaining access to the tooth through our modern rotary RCT machines, all the canals are cleaned out thoroughly with special antiseptics. The void created is then filled with up completely with plasticised material which renders the whole canal system inert, stable and therefore pain free. Dowel post is usually placed in a root canal treated tooth. It serves to give additional stability to the tooth and to the prosthesis to be placed.

Root canal therapy is the treatment of the tissues and nerves within the teeth. Inside a tooth you will find pulp tissue which includes nerves, arteries, veins and other vessels which is why most people may actually pertain to any experience regarding this matter as a painful one. The teeth are hard and calcified but inside, there is a hollow area which is more sensitive and sophisticated in structure. A root canal is the passageway wherein the nerve of the tooth runs from the tip towards the center up to the pulp chamber of the tooth. The root canal supplies important minerals and nutrients to the tooth to keep it healthy and protected from injury and decay

Root canal therapy or endodontics is required usually when a tooth is infected or inflamed. The inflammation can result from disruption in the vessels leading to poor blood and mineral supply, periodontal disease or bacterial profileration in the area or severe trauma or fracture. The pulp can be damaged or compromised for these reasons which are why treatment is required as soon as possible. In Apple Bite dental, teeth experts and dentists work together to eliminate pain, inflammation and bacterial spread. These dental experts do not only cater to the Indian patient but to foreigners as well who wish to have quality tooth treatment.

You will be sure that your endodontic treatment is done by highly trained and experienced professionals and staff members using only the latest and proven methods and equipment. Root canal therapy usually involves cleaning the damaged or necrotic pulp entirely and closing the root completely to prevent recurrence of infection or damage. The infected nerve will be removed and the pulp will be cleaned out. Your dentist will most likely suggest and do restoration dentistry as well to fortify the completed work so that it stays stable and pain-free.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy has also been practiced and developed in several ways throughout the decades which is why it is considerably painless now. Anesthetics will be provided so that you stay comfortable and calm for the duration of the procedure which may last an hour or more.